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File manager for Mezzanine
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filebrowser_safe Handle sorting when date or filesize is None (happens for folders in S3)
.gitignore Handle the case where a folder has been created by the S3 web console…
.hgignore Initial import.
LICENSE Added README to Fix manifest.
README.rst Initial import.
setup.cfg Add config for wheel distribution.



filebrowser_safe was created to provide a snapshot of the FileBrowser asset manager for Django, to be referenced as a dependency for the Mezzanine CMS for Django.

At the time of filebrowser_safe's creation, FileBrowser was incorrectly packaged on PyPI, and had also dropped compatibility with Django 1.1 - filebrowser_safe was therefore created to address these specific issues.

This repository exists for bug fixes and minor enhancements, and should some day become redundant, once the original FileBrowser becomes a feasibly stable dependency target.

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