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Created by Stephen McDonald


Gamblor is a real-time casino app built for the 2012 Django Dash.

The idea was to provide a plugin system for games that can be played collaboratively in real-time using WebSockets, and to that end Gamblor was successful.

Check out the deployed version at


Here are some of the highlights that were implemented over the 48 hours of the Dash:

  • Simple plugin system for adding games with their own turn arguments, template, JavaScript and CSS files.
  • Initial games implemented are simple versions of Roulette and Craps.
  • Real-time avatars, controlled by arrow keys - walk around the game room and bash into your friends.
  • Authentication by Twitter or Facebook - profile photo is then used as the head of your avatar.
  • Chat system - talk to other avatars, messages are displayed above each avatar in real-time.
  • Gambling! Each user starts with $5000 and can bet against each game, simply drag chips onto a game to bet.
  • Interface is almost entirely CSS - chips use 3D transforms and dashed borders.

Game Engine

Games plug straight into Gamblor and consist of a handful of interfaces, the primary one being the base class:

  • Game.Form - defines the form class for the game, allowing arguments to be passed into each turn.
  • - handles each person betting, and any args provided by the game's form.
  • Game.turn - implements the rules for a turn of the game.
  • Game.outcome - called at the end of each turn for each player, with their betting args passed in, and returns a value to multiply their bet by, which would be zero for a loss.

Other interfaces for each game are:

  • templates/games/<game-name>.html - template that renders the game visibly.
  • static/css/games/<game-name>.css - stylesheet for the game.
  • static/js/games/<game-name>.cjs - any JavaScript for the game, that can implement custom game effects, as well as betting handlers for the game.


As a one-man team for the first time in three years, this year was particularly gruelling! Here's a list of things I wanted to do, but fell short of time:

  • Show chips dropped onto games.
  • Add collision detection between avatars.
  • Show actual amounts won and loss to all users.
  • Show players who are in a particular game.
  • Implement all the rules for Roulette and Craps.
  • Let users drag chips onto each other to share money.
  • Provide ways of getting more money (share on Twitter, random handouts).
  • Sound effects!
  • Walking animations for avatars.
  • Animated dice for Craps.


An online casino app built for Django Dash 2012




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