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Replace grappelli with django-admintools-bootstrap [feature request] #139

MechanisM opened this Issue February 22, 2012 · 8 comments

4 participants

Eugene MechanisM Stephen McDonald Patrick Taylor Alvin Mites
Eugene MechanisM

since you switched site layout to Twitter Bootstrap, maybe you'll switch to django-admin-bootstrap ?

Also a lot of mods for django-admin-tools out there. can be plugged some stats etc.

Stephen McDonald

Was just looking at that yesterday :-)

Definitely something worth exploring, but not particularly a priority for 1.0

Patrick Taylor

Related note, I'm playing with: as a replacement to TinyMCE for my deploys.

TinyMCE: Positives: better browser support. Well-known. Negatives: Looks horrid. Very heavyweight. Never sure what to edit to change things.

Bootstrap-wysihtml5: Positives: Looks nice, easier to skin. About 125KB minified. Negatives: Very new. Fewer features. Only modern browser support

Stephen McDonald

I'm not too fussed about supporting non-modern browsers, so I wouldn't worry about that.

I'm all for using the best WYSIWYG editor available, for whatever that criteria means. The key is always going to be integration with FileBrowser - if something can meet that core need, and is better than TinyMCE, then I'm all for it.

Patrick Taylor

Sounds good, I'll kick the tires a bit and report back on how much (or how little) work it would take to integrate with Filebrowser.

Eugene MechanisM

@stephenmcd @huxley I'm developing lightweight text editor too. And filemanager within it based on django-tastypie(like django-fiber cms one based on piston but mine is bootstrap styled and with tastypie). The editor is based on wkrte but modified a lot and bootstrap styled too.. Editor also supports autosave to localStorage.
Current size is ~19kb uncompressed.

Alvin Mites
amites commented June 25, 2013

Curious if any further progress/thought has been put into this? The current branch of grappelli_safe relies on the uploadify script which introduces a flash dependency and thus limits admin access via iPad -- the current grappelli bypasses this using an alternate jquery based multi-uploader though bootstrap would be a nice change regardless

Stephen McDonald

I've actually been using bootstrap in Django admin in a non-Mezzanine project recently and it just visually isn't up to the same level of polish grappelli was years ago and still is to this date. I'm actually going to close this issue given that.

Some entirely separate features have been discussed in this thread - wysiwyg and file uploads. Feel free to open new issues for these, but do everyone a favor and do them as pull requests :-)

Stephen McDonald stephenmcd closed this June 25, 2013
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