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Prepare a better Mezzanine modules/apps/plugins list? #365

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Right now there is only a simple list of 3rd-party Mezzanine modules in README.rst, but I think it would be better to have an official Mezzanine modules comparison grid on This way more data could be added, new modules added by authors itself and non-Mezzanine users would find them more easily.

Django CMS has this and they are even using their API to put the extension list into their page


I set this up a while ago here:

It's just not very visible. Perhaps if we ask @pydanny nicely he can add it to the grids in the header of the site :-)

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Thanks so much!

@gw0 what we'll also do is feature a link to the grid from the docs, and possibly create a page on the project site that lists all the packages. I'll reopen the issue for now.

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Create a page listing modules/plugins #3


Moved this to the repo for the project site.

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