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Mezzanine Chalkboard

This is an ad-hoc list of ideas, todos, etc. It's used by the core Mezzanine team to collaborate. It should not be taken as a roadmap. Things on here may be terrible ideas that are thrown out.

Manual changelog

The current changelog is automatically generated from commit messages. It's terrible. Many commit messages are poorly written (I think requiring perfect commit messages would be too much of a hindrance for contributions), and don't reflect the correct granularity of changes, as one change may be represented by many commits (again, I think asking contributors to correct this is too high a bar). Moving forward is easy. We just create a changelog file and update it as we go, categorising each line as a feature, fix, or removal (are there other types?). The hard part is going back through 5 years worth of commits and writing a manual changelog for what's already been done. This doesn't have to be perfect, but I think it would need to happen.

Swappable models

This would be an enormous win for the flexibility of Mezzanine. The basic idea is that any model (particularly Page, BlogPost, Cartridge's Product) could be swapped, the same way the User model can be swapped in Django. This would enable the flakey EXTRA_MODEL_FIELDS setting to be removed. See:

Upgrade project layout to recent Django versions

WIP underway -

This should also involve reviewing our default, comparing it to Django's template project's, and bring them into line as much as possible.

Upgrade to TinyMCE4

This is a matter of integrating into Mezzanine.