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One True Repo

One feed to rule them all, and in the mashup bind them.

Created by Stephen McDonald

One True Repo merges both the GitHub and Bitbucket APIs into a single JSON feed, for the purpose of combining numbers of watchers and forks across duplicate repositories. It comes as both a Sinatra app and command-line gem.


The Sinatra app is hosted on Heroku at Add your username to the path to get your feed. For example my GitHub and Bitbucket username is stephenmcd so my feed is available at If you have different usernames between GitHub and Bitbucket, you can use the URL to provide them separately. Note that feeds are cached for about 24 hours.


Here's a sample of the JSON provided:

        "name": "mezzanine",
        "urls": [
        "watchers": 316,
        "forks": 102,
        "fork": false
        "name": "django-socketio",
        "urls": [
        "watchers": 112,
        "forks": 11,
        "fork": false


You can also append a callback parameter to the Sinatra app's URLs, specifying the name of a JavaScript function to call:

    var displayRepos = function(repos) {
        // The repos argument will contain the
        // JSON data for stephenmcd's feed.
        var watchers = 0, forks = 0;
        for (var i = 0; i < repos.length; i++) {
            watchers += repos[i].watchers;
            forks += repos[i].forks;
        alert('Total watchers: ' + watchers + '\nTotal forks: ' + forks);
<script src=""></script>

Ruby Gem

One True Repo is also an installable gem named otr. Install the otr gem with the following command:

$ gem install otr

Once installed, otr can be called from the command-line and will output its JSON feed:

Usage: otr [options]

    -u, --username NAME              Combined GitHub / Bitbucket username
    -g, --github-username NAME       GitHub username if different from
                                     Bitbucket username (required without -u)
    -b, --bitbucket-username NAME    Bitbucket username if different from
                                     GitHub username (required without -u)
    -h, --help                       Show this message
    -v, --version                    Show version

You can also use otr in your own Ruby code:

require 'rubygems'
require 'otr'

# With a combined username:
options = {:username => "stephenmcd"}

# Or with differing usernames:
options = {:github_username => "alice", :bitbucket_username => "bob"}

json = OTR.get(options).to_json