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A web app built for the Django Dash hackathon 2010.
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Rate My Flight is a Django application that allows users to rate flights they've taken. The application consists of two parts: an API and the homepage which implements it by displaying a map of the world which can be used to display data collected in various ways. Ratings can be entered directly on the website or via twitter.

Rate My Flight was created by Andrew Fisher, Josh de Blank and Stephen McDonald for the Django Dash competition 2010.


Rate My Flight is available on pypi and can be installed via setuptools:

$ easy_install -U ratemyflight

or via distribute:

$ pip install ratemyflight

Once installed you can run the command ratemyflight project_name which will create a new Django project with the given project_name that has the ratemyflight app installed.

Consuming Tweets

In order to consume tweets it is necessary to create a cron job that runs the command in your project's directory:

$ python poll_twitter

Once the cron job is running it will consume tweets containing the hash tag #ratemyflight if found to contain rating information in the following format:

flight_number airport_from airport_to rating comment hashtag

For example if you flew British Airways (BA) flight 227 from Sydney (SYD) to Los Angeles (LAX) and gave it a rating of 8 you'd tweet:

BA227 SYD LAX 8/10 I really enjoyed this flight! #ratemyflight


Rate My Flight primarily consists of an API callable over HTTP that returns JSON data. The following URLs are implemented.

/api/airport/boundary/<south>/<west>/<north>/<east>/ Returns a list of airports (maximum defined in ratemyflight.settings.MAX_AIRPORTS) within the given boundaries <south>, <west>, <north> and <east> which make up latitude and longitude in decimal format.

/api/flight/boundary/<south>/<west>/<north>/<east>/ Returns a list of flights (maximum defined in ratemyflight.settings.MAX_FLIGHTS) within the given boundaries <south>, <west>, <north> and <east> which make up latitude and longitude in decimal format.

/api/flight/airline/<iata_code>/ Returns a list of flights (maximum defined in ratemyflight.settings.MAX_FLIGHTS) for the given airline using its given <iata_code>.

/api/flight/username/<username>/ Returns a list of flights (maximum defined in ratemyflight.settings.MAX_FLIGHTS) that have been given ratings by the given <username>.

/api/flight/recent/ Returns the most recent flights (maximum defined in ratemyflight.settings.MAX_FLIGHTS).


The following examples show the JSON format returns for aiports and flights.


        pk: 9044,
        model: "ratemyflight.airport",
        fields: {
            city: "Adelaide",
            name: "Adelaide International",
            icao_code: "YPAD",
            longitude: 138.530555555556,
            iata_code: "ADL",
            country: 235,
            latitude: -34.945


        comment: "I like turtles!!",
        flight: "GQ483",
        name: "stephen_mcd",
        tweet_id: null,
        airport_from_id: 9075,
        airport_from: {
            city: "Tamworth",
            name: "Tamworth",
            icao_code: "YSTW",
            country_id: 235,
            longitude: 150.846666666667,
            iata_code: "TMW",
            latitude: -31.0838888888889,
            id: 9075
        tweet_text: null,
        value: 6.7,
        airport_to_id: 2082,
        avatar_url: "",
        airline_id: 1428,
        airport_to: {
            city: "Swartkop",
            name: "Swartkop",
            icao_code: "FASK",
            country_id: 43,
            longitude: 28.1644444444444,
            iata_code: "N/A",
            latitude: -25.8094444444444,
            id: 2082
        id: 81


Rate My Flight has no specific dependencies but was developed and deployed with the following software selected for its environment, and using alternatives may result in issues due to limited amount of testing over the 48 hour competition period.

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