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Fighting back against modularity - a Sindre utility suite.
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Fighting back against modularity - a @sindresorhus utility suite.


$ npm install --save sindredash
var sindredash = require('sindredash');
// sindredash.hasDom();
// sindredash.isHtml();
// sindredash.compareUrls();
// ...

Supporting Sindre's libraries that have been modified since 2015, 'cause I don't have all day, damn.

other ways to use

$ npm install os-name archs node-platforms win-release osx-release xdg-basedir user-home default-uid sudo-block root-check downgrade-root has-dom is-stream is-html is-md is-binary-path is-progressive unique-random unique-random-array alpha-sort sort-on each-async markdown-extensions binary-extensions modify-values modify-keys lowercase-keys dot-prop debug-log get-stdin caller-path caller-callsite detect-newline newline-br pad-stream strip-ansi humanize-string decamelize camelcase titleize untildify strip-css-comments strip-json-comments filename-reserved-regex valid-filename filenamify filenamify-url normalize-url humanize-url strip-url-auth strip-outer compare-urls condense-whitespace trim-repeated prepend-http get-urls multiline superb random-word dog-names cat-names somebody npm-name npm-keyword registry-url package-json bower-name github-username is-up public-ip ipify cpy cp-file read-chunk globby
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