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Some functions and mixins for SASS dimensions.
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Got units? Find unity.

A framework for working with numbers and units.

But wait, there's more -- a grid that ties it all together.

Feel free to start a conversation:!forum/sass-unity

API documentation is available in docs/out/index.html.

Usage for unit functions

Unit globals

$baseline: 16px //the px value for rem units, which are always relative to the document root (html element).
$em-baseline: $baseline; //a dynamic value used and manipulated by the "em" function.
$px-per-inch: 96px; //Used for point calculations
$pt-per-inch: 72pt; //Used for point calculations in combination with $px-per-inch.

Easily normalize units

body {
    font-size: rem(12px);
    padding: px(1rem 2em 14px 1em); //Convert all values to px.

div.rounded {
    margin: unity(1rem 12px 1em 1); //Convert all values to the same unit as the first value.

Use the "rem" mixin to create px fallbacks for older browsers

body {
    @include rem(font-size 12px, padding 1rem);

Add or subtract numbers of different units

$total-width: plus(1120px, 1rem); 

div.container {
    width: $total-width;

div.sidebar {
    width: minus($total-width, 20rem);      


strip-unit(12px) = 12 //remove the unit from a number
sub-px(13.00005px) = 13px //round sub-pixel remainders
first-unit(13 0% 5em 12px) = em //find the first unit in a given list of numbers

$my-unit: px;
cast-unit($my-unit, 1rem) = 16px;

Usage for grid

A few globals

$grid-width: 320px; //The width of the grid, not including its padding; mobile first
$grid-columns: 4; //The number of columns; mobile first
$grid-column-width: 68px; //The width of a single column
$grid-gutter-width: auto; //The width of a single gutter
$grid-style: static;
$grid-padding: 1rem;
$grid-unit: rem;

Use multiple grids

@include grid(12, static, 62px, auto){
    //All grid variables, functions, and mixins are subject to the parameters passed to this mixin.
    #container {width: container-width(); }

Grid helpers

These helpers have many parameters, but will use the current grid context if none are passed.

grid-width(); //The total width of your grid, not including its padding
column-width(); //The static width of a column
gutter-width(); //The static width of a gutter
container-width(); //The static total width of your container, which is the grid-width plus its padding.

grid-padding-left(); //The left padding of the grid containers.
grid-padding-right(); //The right padding of the grid containers.
grid-padding-width(); //The left and right padding of the grid containers.
Breakpoint helpers

These helpers accept a breakpoint list or a breakpoint handle. If neither is passed, it uses the current global $grid-breakpoint.

grid-breakpoint($handle); //Get a global breakpoint by its handle
grid-breakpoint-handle($breakpoint); //Get the handle from a breakpoint

Easy breakpoints:

//Setup our breakpoints globally
$grid-breakpoints: grid-breakpoints(
    (four 4 0 4), //This is a small-down breakpoint. The base global breakpoint is already four columns.
    (eight 8), //format is ("handle" "columns" "min" "max") -- without quotes, where "min" and "max" are the visible ranges. If neither are entered, "min" is set to "columns".
    (twelve 12),
    (sixteen 16)

//Reference the breakpoints by handle
@include grid-breakpoint(four){
    body {color: blue;}
    #container {@include container;}

@include grid-breakpoint(eight){
    body {color: green;}
    #container {@include container;}

@include grid-breakpoint(twelve){
    body {color: purple;}
    #container {@include container;}

@include grid-breakpoint(sixteen){
    body {color: black;}
    #container {@include container;}
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