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from __future__ import absolute_import
__kupfer_name__ = _("Spotify")
__kupfer_sources__ = ("SpotifySource", )
__description__ = _("Control spofity media player.")
__version__ = "0.1"
__author__ = "Stephen Johnson <>"
import dbus
from kupfer.objects import RunnableLeaf, Source
from kupfer.obj.apps import AppLeafContentMixin
from kupfer import utils, icons, pretty
import pynotify
def get_player():
session = dbus.SessionBus.get_session()
spotify = session.get_object("org.mpris.MediaPlayer2.spotify","/org/mpris/MediaPlayer2")
return dbus.Interface(spotify, dbus_interface = 'org.mpris.MediaPlayer2.Player')
class PlayPause (RunnableLeaf):
def __init__(self):
RunnableLeaf.__init__(self, name=_("Play/Pause"))
def run(self):
def get_description(self):
return _("Resume/Pause playback in Spotify")
def get_icon_name(self):
return "media-playback-start"
class Next (RunnableLeaf):
def __init__(self):
RunnableLeaf.__init__(self, name=_("Next"))
def run(self):
def get_description(self):
return _("Jump to next track in Spotify")
def get_icon_name(self):
return "media-skip-forward"
class Previous (RunnableLeaf):
def __init__(self):
RunnableLeaf.__init__(self, name=_("Previous"))
def run(self):
def get_description(self):
return _("Jump to previous track in Spotify")
def get_icon_name(self):
return "media-skip-backward"
class SpotifySource (AppLeafContentMixin, Source):
appleaf_content_id = 'spotify'
def __init__(self):
Source.__init__(self, _("Spotify"))
def get_items(self):
yield PlayPause()
yield Next()
yield Previous()
def provides(self):
yield RunnableLeaf
def get_description(self):
return __description__
def get_icon_name(self):
return "spotify"