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Producteev Api Client
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Producteev Api

A Ruby wrapper for the Producteev REST API

Supports all the API methods. If i have missed any let me know. More information on the API can be found at

I need to write some tests i know, but if you feel like doing it just raise a merge request.


Install the gem by issuing

gem install producteev

or put it in your Gemfile and run bundle install

gem "producteev"


Create a new client instance

require 'rubygems'
require 'producteev'

#no debug
producteevclient ="api_key_from_producteev","api_secret_from_producteev")
producteevclient ="api_key_from_producteev","api_secret_from_producteev",true)

Login in as a user

client1 = producteevclient.login("username","password")
client2 =  producteevclient.login("username1","password1")

Get the server time


Get as list of tasks


Get as list of lables


Dashboards, users and activities can also be used in the same way. Please note all httparty exceptions you will have to deal with. All function calls return a hash.

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