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Python interpreter which integrates with native debug infrastructure
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DwarfPython non-release README

If you are reading this, you have probably read the VMIL 2011 paper 
"Virtual machines should be invisible" by myself and Conrad Irwin.

Following a request (yes, just one ;-) I am making this code available. 
As you will know from reading the paper, it currently does very little!  
Arithmetic is next on the to-do list (i.e. does not currently work).

What does work is function definition and function calling -- at least 
in simple cases. Most importantly, the interpreter's data structures are 
maintained according to DWARF's latent metamodel.  New function 
definitions generate new DWARF records, metadata for called functions is 
looked up on DWARF info, and so on.

Unfortunately I can't say when I'll be able to work on this further. 
It's only ever been a side project, although I would love that to 

Stephen Kell <>
October 2012
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