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Dynamic creation and update of ELF files, or: an allocator for JIT compilers
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This is libdlbind, an extension to System V-style dynamic loaders to
allow dynamic allocation of objects and dynamic binding of symbols.

Its main use-case is in JIT compilers, or other run-time code
generators. Rather than allocating code memory yourself, allocating it
with dlbind keeps the dynamic loader informed -- along with any debugger
that might be attached. This means that your JITted code and data are
automatically debuggable just like any other dynamically loaded content.
It also means that the usual dlsym() and dladdr() interfaces will work
against your JITted output.

Currently, the implementation is very minimal and naive. It does work,
with some caveats:

- you must have a writable /run/shm directory;

- no deallocation or unbinding yet;

- when defining a new symbol, the dlreload() call, necessary for symbol
binding, doesn't quite work without some modifications to the dynamic
loader or debugger. In particular, since we need in-memory changes to
persist across a close-open sequence, we have two options.

 (1) don't really close the file, hence keeping the mappings in memory,
     but make the debugger re-read the symbols anyway;

 (2) close and reopen the file. 

To make (1) work, we need to make the debugger think that the link map
has changed. We can do this by temporarily removing our object from the
doubly-linked list, but that requires changing the loader (since
RTLD_NODELETE leaves the object in the link map even when the refcount
is zero). Or we can do it by changing the debugger to be more
conservative and (correctly) avoid assuming that an unchanged link map
means unchanged symbol tables. The loader modifications are less
invasive, and probably justify a new dlopen() flag, say RTLD_RELOADABLE,
that removes and re-inserts across a 1-0-1 refcount transition (and that
fakes the same remove-reinsert on an explicit dlreload(), even if the
refcount does not go down).

To make (2) work, we need to hope that we get the same mapping addresses
when we re-map, and we need changes to the memory mappings to persist.
We can do this by trapping the mmap() calls made by the loader and
clearing the MAP_PRIVATE flag. This is what our gdb-script
<test/elfproto-simple/gdb-script> does, and shows correct operation.
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