A lightweight notepad/text editor for syncing across popular cloud platforms.
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Cloud Notes

Cloud notes is designed as a very lightweight textbox for you to keep notes/thoughts/links, without the hassle of different text editors, and have them synced over cloud services. Once you have the Dropbox/Google Drive desktop apps set up, you can set the location of a txt file that CloudNotes will pull from, and that txt will be synced to your other devices, while still in the easily-readable txt format.

To get set up, create a txt file wherever you want, then press the "Select File" button and pick that file. To load this text file automatically, press "Save Location". If you have CloudNotes open while the txt file is open, press the Load button to update it. When you want to save any changes you have made, press the "Sync" button.

Additionally, the program now features a logging database/backup function. Every time you save a notes file, it will be automatically logged and backed up to a MySQL database. If you accidentially delete and save something you want, you can restore these earlier versions from the "Restore Old State" button.