A little jquery plugin to show instagram pics by user or hastag, with some caption styles.
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Every Day I'm Instagrammin!

A stupid simple and lightweight Jquery plugin (2kb - unminified) that snags and display Instagram pics : everydayiminstagrammin.stephenscaff.com

Token Generator

After you register at Instagram's dev portal, Here is a handy token generator →

Set It Up

/*Call plugin on an unordered list class*/
<div class="js-instagrammin"></div>

Now just initialize it off your class, adding your account's clientID and Access Token.

   clientID: 'your-client-id',
   accessToken: 'your-access-token',
   numberPics: '12',

##Defaults / Options

Option Description Value
clientID Instagram api client ID string
accessToken Your instagram accessToken string
numberPics Number of pics to show int
captions Show captions? boolean

Check it

Peep Every Day I'm Instagrammin' in action Here→,