Exposing services behind NATs without network reconfiguration
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This is a very simple tool (read: hacky) designed to allow a computer behind a router to expose local ports without setting up port forwarding on the router. It has the additional benefit that the computer does not need to setup a static (known) IP address.

It works under the assumption that there exists a 3rd machine that both the NAT-ed computer and requesters for the NAT-ed computer can contact.

This is best illustrated via example. Suppose user A is behind a NAT, wants to establish a service (say an HTTP server) on port N that user B can connect to. Suppose that A and B are not behind the same NAT. Now suppose A and B can both connect to server C, which as address X. Here's how to use this tool to make this happen:

Pick a port M such that N != M. Now on server C, run:

python server.py N M

Now user A runs:

python client.py X M N

Additionally, user A starts up his service on port N locally.

Now, user B can connect to user A's service by simply using the address X:N.

The tool is currently very unstable, but it works to forward a simple HTTP server on user A's machine.