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#ifndef _NDB_THREAD_H_
#define _NDB_THREAD_H_
#include <vector>
#include <string>
#include <thread>
#include "macros.h"
* WARNING: This class is DEPRECATED. New code should use std::thread directly
* ndb_thread: threads in NuDB
* Note that ndb_threads are thin wrappers around std::thread.
* There is really no point to use this-- in the past we used this to grab
* hooks into threads when they exited. This is no longer necessary, so we
* removed the hook code and this exists just for legacy reasons.
class ndb_thread {
typedef void (*run_t)(void);
ndb_thread(bool daemon = false, const std::string &name = "thd")
: body_(nullptr), daemon_(daemon), name_(name) {}
ndb_thread(run_t body, bool daemon = false, const std::string &name = "thd")
: body_(body), daemon_(daemon), name_(name) {}
ndb_thread(const ndb_thread &) = delete;
ndb_thread(ndb_thread &&) = delete;
ndb_thread &operator=(const ndb_thread &) = delete;
virtual ~ndb_thread();
inline const std::string &
get_name() const
return name_;
void start();
void join();
virtual void run();
run_t body_;
std::thread thd_;
const bool daemon_;
const std::string name_;
#endif /* _NDB_THREAD_H_ */