Basic PHP form handler object.
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Basic PHP form handler class.


$form = new FormHandler();
$form->to = "";
$form->subject = "Contact Form Submission Received!";

OPTIONS (and default values):

testing = false (bool)

If true, won't actually send an email. Use with show_message for testing/debugging

show_message = false (bool)

Great for debugging. Displays all received form data

to (string, array)

Email address(es) which will receive form submissions

subject = "Form Submission Received"

Subject of generated email

cc (string, array)

Email address(es) to CC

bcc (string, array)

Email address(es) to BCC

required (array)

Array of required input names

from_name (string)

Name the generated email will come from

from_email (string)

Email address the generated email will come from

validate_emails = true (bool)

Check whether email addresses submitted through form are valid

filter_spam = false (bool)

Help prevent spam by checking for a $_POST['timer'] value - works well with validatr

html_email = true (bool)

Sends an html email as opposed to a plain text email

include_reload_link = false (bool)

Includes a link to reload page on failed form submission

success_message = "Thanks for contacting us!" (string)

Displayed on successful form submission

spam_error = "There was an error with your attempt to contact us." (string)

Displayed after a suspicious form submission

redirect_url (string)

URL to redirect to after successful form submission


Be sure to include the FormHandler.php file: include('FormHandler.php');

It only makes sense to use FormHandler after a form submission, so wrap it in a conditional:

	$form = new FormHandler();
	// And so on...

See it in action

Developed by Stephen Widom -