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Hubot GitHub Deployments

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Integrate with GitHub deployment API.

Getting Started

This package allows you to create payloads to send to the GitHub Deployment API, then check on the status of the deployments. Combined with a deployment tool that listens to organizational or repository DeploymentEvent webhooks, this module can help automate that process via ChatOps.

Note: This package is configured for use with a single repository to a static list of environments.


In your hubot repository, run:

npm install hubot-github-deployments --save

Then add hubot-github-deployments to your external-scripts.json:



Environment Variable Required? Description
HUBOT_GITHUB_TOKEN Yes GitHub application token
HUBOT_GITHUB_USER Yes GitHub bot user for deployments (IRC user will be noted in deployment description)
HUBOT_GITHUB_DEPLOY_TARGETS Yes Comma-separated list of environments, e.g. production,staging
HUBOT_GITHUB_REPO No Repository to deploy, in :owner/:repository format


  • hubot deploy status [for :owner/:repo] - List the status of most recent deployments
  • hubot deploy status [id] [for :owner/:repo] - List the statuses a particular deployment, or an optional specific status
  • hubot deploy list targets [for :owner/:repo] - List available deployment targets
  • hubot deploy list branches [for :owner/:repo] [search] - List available branches, filtered by optional search term
  • hubot deploy <branch or SHA> to <server> [for :owner/:repo] - Creates a Github deployment of a branch/SHA to a server
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