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jQuery plugin to add quick indicator bars to tabluar data.
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Basic Usage

This plugin works by adding using a jQuery selector to pick a block-level element that contains integers to render an indicator bar. It is configurable through options passed to the tableMeter() function.

// Wrap in a ready() to ensure the table has loaded fully
$(document).ready(function () {
    $('.meter').tableMeter( { meterMax : 50, meterWidth: 100 } );

Built-in Options

Below lists the available options along with their default settings.

'meterMax'            : 1.0,
'meterWidth'          : 50,
'meterHeight'         : 15,
'meterContainerBorder': 1,
'meterFillColor'      : '#999999',
'meterEmptyColor'     : '#ECECEC',
'meterContainerClass' : 'meter-container',
'meterBarClass'       : 'meter-bar'
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