A curated list of popular tools, tips and tricks for aspiring developers.
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Awesome list of tools you might need on your path to senior developer-dom


A curated list of popular tools, tips and tricks for aspiring developers.

To add to the repo simply grab the name, link and a short searchable description of your favorites. Try to keep it to high level products you have personally tried and would recommend to your friends and coworkers. Also tools that you wish you knew about when you were starting as a junior developer are welcomed!






About the Mind

  • Thinking, Fast and Slow - Daniel Kahneman
  • The Organized Mind - Daniel J Levitin

Computer Science

  • Computer Science Distilled - Wladston Ferriera


  • Refactoring- Martin Fowler
  • Zero Bugs and Program Faster- Kate Thompson
  • The Mythical Man Month- Fred Brooks
  • [Pragmatic Programmer]- Andy Hunt and Dave Thomas
  • Extreme Programming Explained- Kent Beck
  • Introduction to Algorithms- Thomas H Cormen
  • Clean Code: A Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship- Robert C Martin
  • Cracking the Coding Interview- Gayle Laakmann
  • 2018 Front-End Developer Handbook(https://frontendmasters.com/books/front-end-handbook/2018/)- Cody Lindley


  • JavaScript: The Good Parts- Douglas Crockford
  • Learning JavaScript Design Patterns- Addy Osmani
  • Programming JavaScript Applications- Eric Elliott
  • If Hemingway wrote Javascript- Angus Croll
  • Up and Going Javascript - Kyle Simpson
  • Principles of Object-Oriented Javascript- Nicolas Zakas
  • Eloquent Javascript-Marijn Haverbeke

Object Oriented Design

  • Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software- aka the "Gang Of Four" book, or GOF
  • Practical Object-Oriented Design in Ruby- Sandi Metz
  • Growing Object-Oriented Software Guided by Tests- Steve Freeman and Nat Pryce
  • Design Patterns Explained Simply- Alexander Shvets



  • Don't Make Me Think- Steve Krug
  • Lessons in Typography- Jim Krause
  • User Experience Revolution- Paul Boag



  • JavaScript Weekly- Weekly newsletter with only JS News
  • The UI Animation Newsletter- Newsletter covering topics on UI Animations
  • Web Tools Weekly- Web Tools Weekly is a front-end development and web design newsletter with a focus on tools.
  • PHP Weekly- A free once-a-week newsletter, featuring some great articles, news and blog posts. All About PHP!
  • FrontEnd Focus- A once–weekly roundup of the best front-end news, articles and tutorials. HTML, CSS, WebGL, Canvas, browser tech, and more.
  • NPM- Discover new notable NPM packages.
  • Github - Discover new notable repositories.
  • Smashing Magazine A collection of tips and resources for design and front-end development.
  • Hacker Newsletter Curated by hand, delivered weekly.

Common Plugins/Packages to solve difficult problems


  • Moment.js - Parse, validate, manipulate, and display dates and times
  • Swiper - Modern mobile touch slider with hardware accelerated transitions and amazing native behavior
  • Waypoints - Trigger a function when you scroll to an element


  • Composer - PHP Package Manager
  • PHPUnit - Defacto unit test suite for PHP
  • Chronos - Maintained fork of Carbon
  • Element API - JSON API for your entries (and other element types)
  • OAuth 2.0 Server - Makes implementing a standards compliant OAuth 2.0 server trivial


  • Code Newbie-The most supportive community of programmers and people learning to code.
  • The Laravel Podcast- The Laravel Podcast brings you Laravel and PHP development news and discussion. The podcast is hosted by Matt Stauffer and regular guests include Taylor Otwell (the creator of Laravel) and Jeffrey Way (the creator of Laracasts).
  • The PHP Roundtable- The PHP Roundtable is a casual gathering of developers discussing topics that PHP nerds care about. The podcast is broadcast live on YouTube from a Google Hangout On-Air.
  • The Web Platform Podcast- A weekly show that dives deep into all things web from the developers building the platform today.
  • NodeUp- Fairly consistent podcast covering all things NodeJS
  • The Craft CMS Podcast- Weekly podcast covering all things Craft!
  • Coding Blocks- A podcast covering topics such as best programming practices, design patterns, coding for performance, object oriented coding, database design and implementation, tips, tricks and a whole lot of other things.
  • Developer On Fire- A podcast that shares the humanity of developers and tells stories of some of the amazing people in software, hosted by Dave Rael.
  • Front End Happy Hour- A podcast featuring a panel of Software Engineers from Netflix, Evernote, Atlassian & LinkedIn talking over drinks about all things Front End development.
  • JavaScript Jabber- A weekly discussion about JavaScript, front-end development, community, careers, and frameworks.
  • Syntax- A Tasty Treats Podcast for Web Developers by Wes Bos & Scott Tolinski.

Popular Tools

  • regex101- Online regex tester and debugger: PHP, PCRE, Python, Golang and JavaScript.
  • CSS Inliner- Automatically inline your email’s CSS
  • NTH-Test- nth-child and nth-of-type Tester
  • What Font Is- Identify font from a image
  • Stylify Me- Overview of the style guide of a site, including colors, fonts, sizing and spacing
  • CodePen- A showcase of advanced techniques with editable source code
  • Can I Use- Up-to-date browser support tables for support of front-end web technologies
  • CSS Triggers- An invaluable reference on how CSS affects performance
  • Pesticide- Chrome Extension for CSS layout debugging
  • PageSpeed Insights- Analyzes website and suggest ways to make it load faster
  • Helium- Javascript tool to scan your site and show unused CSS
  • TinyPNG- Advanced lossy compression for PNG images
  • JS Object Explorer- A tool to help you find the object method you need without digging through the docs
  • Keycode Info- A good reference app built by Wes Bos to tell you what keystroke number you need
  • Structured Data Testing Tool- A great way to test urls to see if your data and markup are being rendered correctly
  • 30 Seconds of CSS- A curated collection of useful CSS snippets you can understand in 30 seconds or less.
  • Devdocs- A compendium of the docs from major tech tools. Cuts down on tabs!
  • Command Line Reference- A list of all of the commands you can use in Bash, macOS, CMD, Powershell, Access, VB Script, Oracle, SQL Server, ASCII, Convert MB/BG, Forum, and Passwords.


YouTube Channels



  • Reddit Web_design-Upvoting reddit mechanics ensure that anything which rises to the top is essential reading for web designers. It’s very popular, one of the largest subreddits.
  • /r/design- Design subreddit
  • /r/usability- User experience, Interface design, or Human Factors subreddit
  • /r/userexperience- User experience design subreddit