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SQL Server with R + the tidyverse

This repository contains everything one needs to deploy a virtual machine on Azure that holds the latest SQL Server edition and installs R Services on it.

In addition to deploying the R Services, the Azure Resource Manager template also includes a custom PowerShell extension which will install some R packages as a demonstration of configuring R out of the box. To demonstrate, we install the tidyverse, a set of some of the most popular R packages today.

This allows for the execution of R scripts from SQL Server, with all the pesky config work taken care of!

To make this work for your organisation:

  • Build up an R config script and put it somewhere accessible, then move you would amend the location of the deployment script in template.json
  • Amend the parameters.json to include the relevant information for you
  • Execute one of the various deploy scripts. To use the PowerShell one, you will need to ensure you can run an externally created, non-signed script

Check out the accompanying presentation SQL Server & R and TechDays Online @ Future Decoded video for more info.


Automagically create a SQL Server VM (with R Services) on Azure and install the tidyverse to the R installation



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