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Joe Reynolds committed Oct 10, 2017
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License |vim-php-cs-fixer-license|
Mappings |vim-php-cs-fixer-mappings|
Integrate PHP CS Fixer (
This plugin will execute the php-cs-fixer command
on the directory or file (depends on which command you call).
MAPPINGS *vim-php-cs-fixer-mappings*
<leader>pcd Calls php-cs-fixer on the current directory of
the file.
<leader>pcf Calls php-cs-fixer on the current file.
To change default mappings, there are two commands available to you.
A possible remapping could be
`nnoremap <silent><leader>d :call PhpCsFixerFixDirectory()<CR>`
`nnoremap <silent><leader>f :call PhpCsFixerFixFile()<CR>`
LICENSE *vim-php-cs-fixer-license*
Copyright 2017 by Stéphane PY

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