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Symfony2 plugin for ViM
This plugin handles:
* symfony routing autocompletion
* symfony DIC autocompletion
* symfony console
* php stack trace navigation using quickfix list
You can overwride two variables on your .vimrc:
let g:symfony_app_console_caller= "php"
let g:symfony_app_console_path= "app/console"
To handle routing or DIC autocompletion, you must define the path to your app console that returns valid output concerning dic and routing.
Then you can use <C-x><C-u> (user completion feature) to see all routes and DIC services with some extra informations in the ViM's menu popup.
**Symfony interactive console**
If you want to active <Leader>f maps to launch interactive shell:
let g:symfony_enable_shell_mapping = 1
If you want to change it:
map *MY KEY* :call SymfonyInteractiveShell()<CR>
To handle stack trace navigation with Symfony2, you can use this exception handler class:
Don't forget to require it in your autoload system.
Then you'll have to register the exception listener, for example (in your config_dev.yml):
class: VimExceptionHandler
- { name: 'kernel.event_listener', event: 'kernel.exception', method: 'onKernelException' }
To use it in another system, just use the same class by typing:
// require 'VimExceptionHandler.php'