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A rewrite of django's formwizard with pluggable storages
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The 1.0+ releases are incompatible with all previous releases (<=0.6) of django-formwizard!

If you want to use the old version, please install django-formwizard==0.6 (version 0.6 is the last version with the old api)

django-formwizard is a reusable app to work with multi-page forms. Besides normal Forms, it supports FormSets, ModelForms and ModelFormSets.


This app was originally developed as an external library for Django but the code made it to Django itself. Beginning with release 1.4 of Django, the form-wizard will be available in Django directly (django.contrib.formtools.wizard).

This code is a backport of the django.contrib.formtools.wizard code!

Until the 1.4 release, django-formwizard will be maintained to let Django 1.3 users work with the new form-wizard.

To install django-formwizard, simply run

# pip install django-formwizard

The source is available on GitHub.

If you are interested in contributing, just fork the repository on GitHub and commit your changes. Don't forget to send a pull request.

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