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If the mountain will not come to Mohamet, Mohamet must go to the mountain.

Journeyman is an attempt to create a build server environment that is reasonably easy to use and set up. Focussing on the notion that different applications need different build steps, Journeyman employs a domain specific language called "journey" to describe a project's build process.

Journeyman currently focusses on use with Python projects, as it will do the following:

  1. connect to a worker node via ssh
  2. create a virtualenv repository
  3. check out a given repository (currently git only)
  4. run build steps as defined in journey file
  5. archive virtualenv
  6. determine build result from xunit-test conforming xml

Journey files consist of named rules and steps that are formulated in YAML.

Let's take a look into such a journey file:

- dependencies
- install
- test
- fetch_results

- spielwiese/requirements.txt

- cd spielwiese && python install

- cd spielwiese && nosetests --with-xunit

- spielwiese/nosetests.xml

The journey build runner uses this file to determine the steps in a build. Journeyman will always look for a "build"-rule, if it does not exist, try to execute a default build rule:

- dependencies
- install
- test
- testresults

To execute a rule, journeyman will follow the steps in the build rule and run the associate step. The first rule to run obviously is "dependencies".

- spielwiese/requirements.txt

Rules can optionally use square brackets to specify a plugin to run the steps defined in them. When no plugin was specified, it is assumed that the steps are shell commands and will by run by the plugin "run_commands".

Journeyman comes with the following plugins:

  • run_commands
    • Runs every single command step, if one of the steps fails i.e. return code != 0, the build fails and execution ends immediately
  • run_tests
    • Since most testing tools return non-0 results for failing tests and we might want to run multiple test suites, this plugin keeps on executing all steps even if they fail.
  • fetch_pip_dependencies
    • Given one path to a dependency file per step, this plugin will run install -r $file
  • fetch_xunit_results
    • Given one path to an xml unittest file per step, this plugin will download the file and thus allow to see the unittest results in the build results view.


  • Add build configuration to project repository and let journeyman take care of the rest
  • When you don't have access to the repository, the build server can save your journey script and use it when appropriate
  • Support for xUnit XML test results
  • Support for future enhancements: new build steps, new result processing steps
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