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Auto Layout Workshop

I created this workshop for our iOS team to get us thinking and talking about how we can build better, more flexible and maintainable layouts in Interface Builder.

For more information on this workshop and the Auto Layout challenges below, see my blog post.


  1. Fork the repo and checkout the starter-project branch

     git clone -b starter-project
  2. Open Main.storyboard where you'll find 3 views that need laying out (Profile, Choose Recent Photo and Take Photo).

  3. Add constraints to each of these views to match the criteria and screenshots below.


  • The profile picture should always be square.
  • The profile picture should take up 1/3 of the screen width. Name, location and blurb should fill the remaining 2/3 of the screen width.
  • The profile picture should be centred vertically with the text to its right, unless the text is too tall for the picture in which case the image should be aligned to the top of the text. (In the screenshots below, the profile image and text are centred vertically on the iPhone 6 Plus, but on the iPhone 4S the image is aligned to the top.)
  • The social icons should be evenly spaced across the full width of the screen.
  • The name of the cafe should truncate if too long, but the date should never truncate.
  • The text field should fill the available width.

Profile screenshot

Choose Recent Photo

  • All 12 images should be constrained to the edges of their superview and each other.
  • Hint: this screen should take you under 30 seconds to complete.

Choose Recent Photo screenshot

Take Photo

  • The bottom tool bar should have a height constraint equal to 90.
  • The camera guidelines should always be square and centred. On short screens (e.g. iPhone 4S) the guidelines have more space on the left and right sides, on tall screens (e.g. iPhone 6 Plus) there is more space above and below the guidelines.

Take Photo screenshot


Resources for a workshop to help iOS developer teams improve their Auto Layout skills



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