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Dashing dashboard to display Stack Overflow badge stats
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Badge Overflow

An exceptionally handsome way to track your Stack Overflow badges.

Created by Adam & Stephanie Sharp.


Badge Overflow is a Dashing dashboard that displays a range of stats about a Stack Overflow user's badges.

You can view the demo dashboard at

Steph's dashboard

Adam's dashboard


Since Last Badge

Displays the name of the user's last awarded badge, and the time since the badge was awarded in days and hours.

Rarest Badge

Displays the rarest badge the user has been awarded, and the number of times this badge has been awarded. The widget's background colour dynamically changes depending on the badge's rank (bronze, silver, or gold).

Recent Badges

Displays a list of the user's 5 most recently awarded badges and their rank (bronze, siler, or gold).

Unearned Badges

Tracks the user's progress toward unearned badges. It randomly selects a badge you haven't earned and shows your progress, or suggests things you could try in order to earn the badge. The widget's background colour dynamically changes depending on the badge's rank (bronze, silver, or gold). For badges where progress isn't calculated (yet), it displays the badge's description.

User Profile

Displays the user's avatar, name, reputation and the number of badges they have been awarded. The avatar image and user's name are linked to the user's Stack Overflow profile webpage.


Badge Overflow requires Ruby 1.9. To install:

  1. Get the code:

    $ git clone --recursive
  2. Install the required gems using Bundler:

    $ cd badgeoverflow && bundle install
  3. Edit the file config/badgeoverflow.yml and set the user ID you want to track progress for:

    user_id: YOUR_USER_ID

How it works

The dashboard talks to the Stack Exchange API via the badgeoverflow-core gem, which we wrote while developing the dashboard. The most significant part of this gem is the logic for calculating a user's progress toward a badge for the Unearned Badges widget. We've implemented progress calculation for a large number of badges, and tried to make it as easy as possible to add more.

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