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Rails Admin Import functionality
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fix issue#6, #27 and an issue of related fields mapping not displayed
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Steph Skardal authored

Request for Contributors / Core Contributors

I apologize for my extreme lack of attention to this repository since it was created. I see that several users have forked this gem and applied updates. I'd be interested in giving access to this main repository for any interested in maintaining it and/or adding features. Please contact me if you are interested at steph at endpoint dot com.

Rails Admin Import functionality

Plugin functionality to add generic import to Rails Admin interface


  • First, add to Gemfile:

    gem "rails_admin_import"
  • Next, mount in your application by adding following line to your config/routes.rb:

    mount RailsAdminImport::Engine => '/rails_admin_import', :as => 'rails_admin_import'
  • If you are using cancan, add to ability.rb to specify which models can be imported:

    can :import, [User, Model1, Model2]
  • Define configuration in config/initializers/rails_admin_import.rb:

    RailsAdminImport.config do |config| 
      config.model User do
        excluded_fields do
          [:field1, :field2, :field3]
        label :name
        extra_fields do
          [:field3, :field4, :field5]
  • (Optional) Define instance methods to be hooked into the import process, if special/additional processing is required on the data:

    # some model
    def before_import_save(row, map)
      # Your custom special sauce          
    def after_import_save(row, map)
      # Your custom special sauce          
  • "import" action must be added inside config.actions block in main application RailsAdmin configuration: config/initializers/rails_admin.rb.

    config.actions do

    Refer to RailAdmin documentation on custom actions that must be present in this block.

  • TODO: Right now, import doesn't work for fields ending in s, because inflector fails in models ending in s singularly. Belongs_to and many mapping needs to be updated to use klasses instead of symbols


  • Testing


Copyright (c) 2014 End Point & Steph Skardal. See LICENSE.txt for further details.

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