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DAW PHP Pagination - Library for paginate

Latest Stable Version License

DAW PHP Pagination is a Open Source PHP library of a simple pagination.

Paginate easily!


Package developed by: Développeur PHP Freelance Developpeur Freelance

Simple example


$pagination = new Pagination();


$limit = $pagination->getLimit();
$offset = $pagination->getOffset();

// Here your listing of elements with a loop

echo $pagination->render();
echo $pagination->perPage();


  • PHP >= 7.1

If you want an accounting with PHP 7.0, you can use version 1.1: DAW PHP Pagination 1.1


  • The documentation is in folder "docs" of this package:

English | French


Installation via Composer:

php composer.phar require stephweb/daw-php-pagination 2.0.*

An example of an image result

With DAW PHP Pagination CSS:

DAW PHP Pagination example

With Bootstrap CSS:

DAW PHP Pagination example with Bootstrap


Bugs and security Vulnerabilities

If you discover a bug or a security vulnerability within DAW PHP Pagination, please send a message to Stephen. Thank you. All bugs and all security vulnerabilities will be promptly addressed.


The DAW PHP Pagination is Open Source software licensed under the MIT license.