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StepMania is a free and open source, cross-platform rhythm game. It supports common key-based rhythm game formats (including 4-panel and 5-panel dance games among others), as well as keyboard and dance pad controllers. It is customizable with user-made add-ons such as themes, and provides an integrated editor for creating your own simfiles.

StepMania can also be used with dance game cabinets, and has been used as the basis for several major commercial products including Pump it Up Infinity and StepManiaX.

Hey, listen!

The docs need a TON of work! Please ask on the forums and suggest anything you think should be in here. We devs know way too much detailed technical stuff and it's hard to pick up what people actually want to know - so any requests for documentation are really welcomed.

Configuration & Setup

Basic Engine Info

Charting Help

Theming Help

Programming Help

Arcade Machine Hardware

Command Line Arguments

StepMania accepts a number of command line arguments.

  • --theme="themename" - Sets the theme to use.
  • --language=lang - Sets the language to use.
  • --ExportLuaInformation - Exports Lua documentation to Lua.xml.