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stepping stone GmbH Gentoo Portage overlay

This repository is stepping stone GmbH's official Portage overlay for Gentoo systems.


# Always use the branch `develop` for changing files:
git checkout develop
git add ...

# Update the metadata cache:
egencache --repo=stepping-stone --update
git add metadata/md5-cache

# Commit everything:
git commit -m ...

# Merge `develop` into `master`:
git checkout master
git merge --no-ff develop

# Push all changes
git push --all


  • we are using git-flow, please send pull-requests only against the develop branch
  • we are using thin manifests (Manifest files contain only distfiles)
  • we are not using ChangeLog files (use git for that)
  • EAPI < 5 are banned
  • Adhere to the Gentoo git workflow commit message format