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Tickle List is an implementation of Todo.txt in TCL/Tk.

A command-line interface will be created in TCL that can be used as a stand-alone product. A GUI client will be built using Tk.

The application will take advantage of TCL/Tk’s platform agnostic syntax to be cross-platform compatible. The applications should be able to run on LINUX, Mac OS X, & Windows. A TCL interpreter is required on the platform before the application can run.

The objective of the TickleList CLI is to mimick the CLI from
Todo.txt Spec


  • add | a
  • addm
  • addto
  • append | app
  • archive
  • del | rm
  • depri | dp
  • do
  • help
  • list | ls
  • listall | lsa
  • listcon | lsc
  • listfile | lf
  • listpri | lsp
  • listproj | lsprj
  • move | mv
  • prepend | prep
  • pri | p
  • replace
  • report
  • shorthelp

Command Shortcuts

The t.bat file is a Windows Batch file to create a shorter command to run the program. The batch calls the interpreter with the program file and any command line parameters passed in also. It could be renamed to something else if prefered.
tclsh tl.tcl %*

Mac OS X
I added the following line to my .bash_profile that also acts as a shortcut:
alias t='tclsh tl.tcl'

TCL Intrepreter

Tested with ActiveState’s TCL Interpreter, which is available for
Windows (x86), Windows (64-bit, x64), Mac OS X (10.5+, x86_64/x86), Linux (x86), Linux (x86_64), Mac OS X (Universal).


This addon file has the ability to clock-in/clock-out of tasks.
The clock-in adds a timestamp to the task in:2011-12-29T13:15:20 in (YYYY-MM-DD T HH:MM:SS_) format.
The clock-out removes any clock-in, calculates the elapsed time, and adds the elapsed time to the task lap:01:15:25 in (_HH:MM:SS
) format.


  • curr | current
  • in
  • help
  • laps
  • out
  • shorthelp
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