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Node native add-on for STEP-NC API and DIgital Thread Applications
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The STEP-NC API provides high-level operations to create, manipulate, and simulate digital thread models. These operations are implemented in C++ and wrapped with a Node Native Addon. They are also available as a .NET API for C# and VB use.

The API has hundreds of functions which are grouped into several objects that provide namespace segregation and some state. API calls are mostly plain functions and there is no object heiarchy. The API is documented here.

The examples directory contains several examples showing how to use the STEPNode interface to build digital thread models from a variety of source material.

The STEPNode module is used by the digital thread server in the NC.js Package.

The master branch of this package is published to NPM as the STEPNode package, but BUILDING describes how to compile the package from source.

The CONTRIBUTING file describes the technical details for adding new node native functions to the API and the procedure for submiting them for inclusion.

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