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The X-Plane .obj exporter for the 3Ds Max.


Importing is still under developing and doesn't work properly!


  • CMake [3.10.0+] building tool.
  • Conan [1.6+] package manager.
  • Python 3 - is needed for the Conan.
  • XplnObj is used via conan.
  • sts-signals is used via conan.
  • sts-semver is used via conan.
  • jsonformoderncpp is used via conan.
  • 3Ds Max SDK. Usually you can find it on 3Ds Max installation CD or image.
  • Since 3Ds Max 2018 the plug-in uses Qt for building some GUI elements.
    The QT isn't used via conan so you have to install it manually.
    • 3Ds Max 2018 - requires QT [5.6.2]
    • 3Ds Max 2019 - requires QT [5.6.3] (which is binary compatible with [QT 5.6.2])

Memo for the library developers

  • release-checklist see this file when you are making a release.
  • change log this file has to be filled during the release process and contains information about changes. It is in the reStructuredText format.

Developing and Building

  • You have to install conan and add:
  • You have to get the 3DsMax SDK and then put it into your conan repository or your conan local cache.
    See Conan 3dsmax SDK recipes.
  • Adjust the file conanfile.txt. You may comment unnecessary 3DsMax SDK version with the # symbol. It also turns off corresponding build targets.
#3DsMaxSdk2009/last@steptosky/stable   isn't used
3DsMaxSdk2010/last@steptosky/stable    is used
  • If you are going to compile the plug-in for 3Ds Max version greater than 2017 you have to install certain versions of QT. See dependencies section above.
    Then you have to specify environment variables with path to QT something like this C:\Qt\Qt5.6.3\5.6.3\msvc2017_64:
    • 3DSMAX_2018_QT=path to certain QT version where bin and include folders are located.
    • 3DSMAX_2019_QT=path to certain QT version where bin and include folders are located.
  • If you are going to develop you may generate the Visual Studio 2017 project with the file msvc-2017.bat in the root repository folder.
    You may copy that file and make necessary changes as you wish using the origin script as the example.
    You may copy conanfile.txt and name it as dev-conanfile.txt then this file will be used during project generation. It is useful when you are developing only for certain 3Ds Max versions but you want all the versions to be built with your CI.
    Don't forget to update data in the dev-conanfile.txt when you pull new changes from the repository or you changed commit or branch because dependencies' versions could also be changed.
  • If you just want to build the plugins you may use the scripts inside the ci folder.
    Pay attention those scripts must be run from the root repository folder ci/build-vs2017.bat.
    • ci/build-release-vs2017.bat - Builds and installs release target only. This script is usually used for making public release versions.
    • ci/build-vs2017.bat - Builds and installs release and debug targets. This script is usually used in CI jobs for checking your work.
  • If you are going to upload built plugins to github:
    • You have to build and install github-release. And make it accessible via your PATH environment variable.
    • Adjust REPOSITORY_NAME and REPOSITORY_USER_NAME variables in the file StsUploadToGithub.cmake if necessary.
    • Set the environment variable GITHUB_TOKEN - your access token from github account.
    • Run ci/upload-to-github.bat the release targets of the project must be built and installed for all supported 3DsMax versions.
      Release tag must not exist in github repository otherwise the script stops with the error that the tag already exists.

Cmake variables

Variables Type Description
ADD_3DMAXS_EXEC ON/OFF If enabled then the default 3DsMaxs' path to 3dsmax.exe will be added as the command for debugging. It is adjusted to be used with the Visual Studio 2017, it may not work with other ones.

Copyright (c) 2018, StepToSky team. All rights reserved.


This plug-in is for 3DsMax that allows you to import or export x-plane's obj format







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