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A collection of useful windows utilities. Motivation behind this gem: I like bundler and how it's easy to manage dependencies with it, I want something similar for windows utilities. What utilities I talk about? For example:

  • to compile native gems DevKit is required;
  • to use :git option in Bundler msysgit is required;
  • to compile libv8 python and svn are required;
  • and so on.

I don't want to set up manually python or something like this on every machine where I need to install native gems. Simplest solution which I came up is just wrap those utilities as gems. That is not the most elegant solution. I'm looking forward to implement solution to manage non-ruby dependencies. Something like homebrew + brewdler or babushka.

If utilities is distributed through the gem mechanism, we can ensure that everybody have the same "environment". For example, older version of DevKit doesn't contatin which and instalation of rugged produced an error.

This gem doesn't contain utilities itself, it's just "umbrella" gem for gems with real utilities. All utilities packs are placed in separte gems with name like winutils-#{package name}.



We have following options:

  • Use rubygems executables option. Fits only for standalone "portable" executables. If executable depends on external resources (like git), this will fail.
  • Implement ruby wrapper for executable. This executable will be exposed throught executables option. It will call original executable in subprocess with changed environmental variable PATH (added vendor folder). All input (arguments) and output (stdin, stdout, exitstatus) will be proxified. Cons of this solution - every executable requires wrapper. It's possible to automate generation of those wrappers. This solution will fit for standalone executable, like git or python
  • Use proxy executable, like bundle exec command. It will execute command in subprocess with right environment (PATH) seted and pass input and output.
  • Command which will set up environment.
    • Problem here - you can't change environment of current process (i.e. console) from child process (i.e. ruby script). It is possible to print out required changes of environment, so that parent process can apply them. To apply those changes we need to control parent process, it can be done with shell script (bat). But bat-files can't be exposed as gem executables, beacuse every gem executable get it's bat-wrapper. And to execute one bat from another it's requires special syntax (call). TODO: report this bug to rubygems.
    • Additionally check of current environment required, to be able to call script more than one time.
    • One more variant generate bat-file in project root. And use this generated script for environment setup.
    • gem-exefy RubyGems plugin for replacing Windows batch files used in Gems with executables with same name.


We have following options:

  • Pack executables inside rubygem
    • Bigger size of gems
    • To update executable you will need update gem every time
  • Download executables when installing rubygem
    • In case of failing external servers users will be unable to install gems
    • Installations of existing gems will stop work in case of changing of download path


  • Use reciepes like in rubyinstaller, to download and unpack executables. Those reciepces can be used as prototype to the future solution (like babushka).
  • Version of the gem is the same as the version of the packed executable plus one more number, like in libv8
  • Pack gems as native gems, to specify targeted OS and architecture

Ruby gems which relies on external executables


Drop-in solution

Maybe it will be good idea to modify gems dependent on external executables, so they check if companion winutils gem available. And if it's available it will use direct path to executable reported by companion gem.


There are plenty ways to spawn process in ruby. One of the best way to do it on *nix system is using posix-spawn. Currently posix-spawn doesn't support Windows see issue


List of sources for further inspiration