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Stereolabs ZED - ArUco sample

This sample shows how to reset the ZED camera tracking to a known reference using an ArUco marker.


The Mono camera sample located in the mono folder provides an easy way to reset the positional tracking using a marker as a known fixed position in space.

Multi Camera

The multi camera sample use the marker location to calibrates multiples ZED camera in space. By pointing all the camera to a unique marker, the position of each can be deduced. The point cloud of every camera is then displayed in the same referential.


Feel free to modify either sample to fit your need, the marker detection is very convenient and robust and can be used to a number of application where an external position has to be known.

ArUco markers

This website can be used to easily display Aruco patterns.

The sample is expecting a 6x6 Aruco Dictionary with a 160mm marker by default. The bigger the marker, the better the camera position will be. It's important to make sure that the real-world size of the marker matches the size set in the samples (160mm) to avoid scale issues in the tracking.

ArUco detection

The Aruco detection code is taken from OpenCV Contrib module, please refer to the source files for the license information (BSD 3).


If you need assistance go to our Community site at