Native stereo capture with OpenCV
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Stereolabs ZED - OpenCV Native Capture

This sample shows how to capture rectified images with the ZED or ZED-M Camera and OpenCV, without the ZED SDK.

If you want to use OpenCV with the ZED SDK features, check our sample here.


  • Windows, Linux, MacOS

Build the program

Build for Windows

  • Create a "build" folder in the source folder
  • Open cmake-gui and select the source and build folders
  • Generate the Visual Studio Win64 solution
  • Open the resulting solution and change configuration to Release
  • Build solution

Build for Linux

Open a terminal in the sample directory and execute the following command:

mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..

Run the program

  • Navigate to the build directory and launch the executable

  • Or open a terminal in the build directory and run the sample :

    ./ZED_Opencv_Native <camera_serial_number>


  • You need to know the serial number of the camera you are trying to open. To do so, you can use ZED Explorer tools (ZED SDK tools) and check the serial number on the top right of ZED Explorer window.