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Sep 21, 2018

Stereolabs ZED - PCL

This sample shows how to acquire and display a 3D point cloud with PCL (Point Cloud Library).

Getting started


Build the program

Download the sample and follow the instructions below: More

Build for Windows

  • Create a folder called "build" in the source folder
  • Open cmake-gui and select the source and build folders
  • Generate the Visual Studio Win64 solution
  • Open the resulting solution and change the solution configuration to Release
  • Build solution

Build for Linux

Open a terminal in the sample directory and execute the following command:

mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..

Run the program

  • Navigate to the build directory and launch the executable file

  • Or open a terminal in the build directory and run the sample :

      ./ZED\ with\ PCL [path to SVO file]

You can optionally provide an SVO file path (recorded stereo video of the ZED)


  • PCL view can start zoomed in, displaying only green and red colors. To adjust the viewport, simply zoom out using your mouse wheel or keyboard shortcuts.


  • The point cloud conversion to PCL format is time consuming and will affect application running time.


If you need assistance go to our Community site at

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