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Run the examples

Some Python samples require OpenCV and OpenGL, you can install them via pip with opencv-python and PyOpenGL packages.

Live camera

Live camera sample showing the camera information and video in real time and allows to control the different settings.

python examples/

Read SVO

Read SVO sample to read the video and the information of the camera. It can pick a frame of the svo and save it as a JPEG or PNG file. Depth map and Point Cloud can also be saved into files.

python examples/ svo_file.svo


Position sample shows that the position of the camera can be get and used with OpenGL.

python examples/


Mesh sample shows mesh information after filtering and applying texture on frames. The mesh and its filter parameters can be saved.

python examples/ svo_file.svo


Plane sample is searching for the floor in a video and extracts it into a mesh if it found it.

python examples/ svo_file.svo


These 2 samples show the local network streaming capabilities of the SDK. The sender is opening the camera and transmitting the images. The receiver opens the network image stream and display the images.

python examples/camera_streaming/sender/
python examples/camera_streaming/receiver/
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