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@nesnes nesnes released this Apr 19, 2019 · 13 commits to master since this release


  • Updated API for compatibility with 2.8 release.
  • Moved parameters from launch files to YAML files. This makes them clearer and unifies parameters between different launch files.
  • Changed default prefix of the topics adding node name: /<namespace>/<node_name>/<topic> (default /zed/zed_node/<topic>)
  • Added minimum depth parameter (min_depth).
  • Added base_link to the TF tree to improve user experience when adding ZED cameras to a standard ROS robot configuration. Pose and Odometry are now referred to base_link instead of zed_camera_center.
  • Added a separated launch file for ZED Mini (zedm.launch and display_zedm.launch).
  • Added a service to set the ON/OFF status of the blue LED (firmware > 1523).
  • Added a service to toggle the status of the blue led (firmware > 1523).
  • Added a parameter to choose the default SVO compression mode for SVO recording.
  • Added 2D mode for stable navigation on planar surfaces.
  • Added option to set a fixed pose/odometry covariance or use the dynamic matrices calculated by the SDK.
  • Added SVO recording services.
  • Added zero-copy to Pointcloud publishing (thanks @RhysMcK).
  • Added dynamic parameter to change the frequency of point cloud publishing. Now the point cloud can have a frequency different from the grab frequency (always less than or equal to the grab frequency).
  • Added services to start/stop network streaming, which allows remote machines to acquire and process images using a ROS node or a "not ROS" application.
  • Added stereo side-by-side image topic for raw and rectified images.
  • Removed initial warning about TF not being available.
  • Improved console logging for a better vision of the node configuration.
  • Fixed additional minor issues.
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