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This repository contains the code and scripts for Stereum 2.0

🍄 Stereum manages the process of setting up & maintaining an Ethereum node for you with a focus on self sovereignty, privacy and flexibility.

🍄 Stereum 2.0 aims to be the most flexible way to leverage your Ethereum node for staking, data science, development or your own personal use case. We hope to explore every hermit’s dream with you!

🍄 With Stereum you are able to participate in the Ethereum network and its various protocols (like SSV Network, MEV Boost, ...)!

Get Started

After installing the launcher start it up and connect to a server of your choice. Take a look at the guide to find out what server operating systems are supported and what you can do with Stereum!


Want to get involved? Create a pull request and we'll have a look at it!

Not sure how to help or where to start? Then visit us on Discord or drop us an email to

Tech Stack

Ansible Docker Ethereum Electron.js Grafana JavaScript Jest Jinja NodeJS Prometheus Shell Script Vue.js



For development, automated tests running for each commit.


  • Security: Shellcheck Security checking shell scripts
  • Tests: JEST JEST unit tests
  • Tests: Molecule Backend system tests with Molecule & Ansible
  • Tests: Integration JEST system integration tests


  • Build: Release Building Stereum Launcher