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a gofmt inspired Coffeescript formatter/beautifier.

npm install -g coffee-fmt

coffee-fmt --indent_style [space|tab] \
	 --indent_size [Integer, ignored when using tabs] \
	 --debug=true (This will print all parse info to stdout as well, defaults to false)
	 -i filename.coffee >> transformed.coffee

###js api###

	var fmt = require('coffee-fmt')
	, fs = require('fs')
	, coffee
	, options

	options = {
		tab: '\t',
		newLine: '\n'

	coffee = fs.readFileSync('filename.coffee');
	coffee = coffee.toString();

	try {
		coffee = fmt.format(coffee, options);
	} catch (e) {
		//Whoops...something went wrong, error details logged to console.