Associative Domain Adaptation in PyTorch
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Note: While this repository is useful for reproducing results from Häusser et al., please consider using the salad domain adaptation library in the future:

Associative Domain Adaptation in PyTorch

This repository contains an implementation of "Associative Domain Adaptation" [1]. Right now, it features the SVHN -> MNIST transfer as described in the paper. The results line up the the ones reported in the paper, even slightly better at Accuracy: 98.06 % / Error: 1.94 % on the MNIST Validation set.

This implementation is meant to be minimalistic, for easy adaptation to other projects.

To train a model with standard settings, execute

> python


  • The hyperparameters where loosely inspired by the ones reported in the original publication, but not too much finetuning was necessary to get to this result.
  • Note the use of the InstanceNormalization layer, which is similar, but not exactly similar to the reference implementation provided by the authors.


Original Paper: Official Repo:

  title={Associative domain adaptation},
  author={Haeusser, Philip and Frerix, Thomas and Mordvintsev, Alexander and Cremers, Daniel},
  booktitle={International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV)},


In case of any questions with this repository, either use the issue tracker or contact me directly.