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Puppet Module for installing Puppet Master Open Source on Google's Compute Engine
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Puppet module for Open Source Puppet Master on Google's Compute Engine

This module is an addition to the official Puppet for Google Compute Engine module and installs a Open Source Puppet master.

To use this module you have to add it in the module_repos section and add include gce_compute_master to the manifest of your instance.

Example manifest

gce_instance { 'puppet-master':
  ensure                => present,
  description           => 'Puppet Master Open Source',
  machine_type          => 'f1-micro',
  zone                  => 'us-central1-a',
  network               => 'default',
  auto_delete_boot_disk => false,
  tags                  => ['puppet', 'master'],
  image                 => 'projects/debian-cloud/global/images/backports-debian-7-wheezy-v20140814',
  manifest              => "include gce_compute_master",
  startupscript         => '',
  puppet_service        => present,
  puppet_master         => "puppet-master",
  modules               => ['puppetlabs-gce_compute', 'puppetlabs-inifile', 'puppetlabs-stdlib', 'puppetlabs-apt', 'puppetlabs-concat', 'saz-locales'],
  module_repos          => { 
    'gce_compute_master' => 'git://'
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