Lua bindings for GLFW
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MoonGLFW: Lua bindings for GLFW

MoonGLFW is a Lua binding library for GLFW.

It runs on GNU/Linux and on Windows (MSYS2/MinGW) and requires Lua (>=5.3) and GLFW (>=3.1).

MoonGLFW is part of the MoonLibs collection of Lua libraries for graphics and audio programming.

Author: Stefano Trettel

Lua logo


MIT/X11 license (same as Lua). See LICENSE.


See the Reference Manual.

Getting and installing

Setup the build environment as described here, then:

$ git clone
$ cd moonglfw
moonglfw$ make
moonglfw$ make install # or 'sudo make install' (Ubuntu)

NOTE: Vulkan support requires GLFW version >= 3.2, and the Vulkan loader ( to be in the linker's search path at runtime (see MoonVulkan's installation instructions for more details).


-- Script: hello.lua

glfw = require("moonglfw")

-- Create a window:
window = glfw.create_window(640, 480, "Hello world!")

function my_callback(w, x, y) 
   assert(w == window)
   print("cursor position:", x, y) 

-- Register a callback to track the cursor's position:
glfw.set_cursor_pos_callback(window, my_callback)

-- Repeatedly poll for events:
while not glfw.window_should_close(window) do

The script can be executed at the shell prompt with the standard Lua interpreter:

$ lua hello.lua

Other examples can be found in the examples/ directory contained in the release package, and in the MoonLibs repository.