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A Node.js georeport v2 server based on express.
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georeport Build Status

A Node.js json georeport v2 server based on express.


  • /services resource base finished
  • /requests resource base finished

General constraints

  • Encoding is UTF-8
  • Time is coded in ISO 8601
  • Possible formats: text/xml; charset=utf-8 or application/json; charset=utf-8
  • HTTP header codes for error handling (40* and 50*)


GET https://[endpoint]/services.[format]

* provide the request types like “snow on the road” or “defect street light”
* with service_code, service_name, description …

GET https://[endpoint]/services/[service_code].[format]

* provide further metadata for the request types like “10cm snow” and “5cm snow”

POST https://[endpoint]/requests.[format]

* create a new service request with service_code location and attributes
* respond a unique service_request_id and service_notice for feedback
* Image can be send via media_url (second upload service necessary!)

GET https://[endpoint]/requests.[format]

* query the current status of multiple requests

GET https://[endpoint]/requests/[service_request_id].[format]

* query the current status of a single request
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