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Math library which provides non-sparse, rank-N tensor math

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Weyl is a single-header library for doing math with dense tensors of any finite rank and dimension. It's named after this guy.


Examples: Tensor Convolutions

Example 1

The sum across the only index of two single-index tensors, if the indexes are 3-dimensional, is the same as the dot product of two 3-dimensional vectors.

[ a b c ] * [ d e f ] = (a * d) + (b * e) + (c * f)


weyl::tensor<float, 3> abc({ a, b, c});
weyl::tensor<float, 3> def({ d, e, f});
float product = weyl::sum<0, 0>(abc, def);

The sum function template will expand to the following.

value = 0.0f;
value += abc[0] * def[0];
value += abc[1] * def[1];
value += abc[2] * def[2];
return value;

Example 2

The sum across the second index of a 3x3 tensor with the first index of another 3x3 tensor is essentially a matrix product.

[ a b c ]   [ j k l ]   [ (a*j)+(b*m)+(c*p)  (a*k)+(b*n)+(c*q)  (a*l)+(b*o)+(c*r) ]
[ d e f ] * [ m n o ] = [ (d*j)+(e*m)+(f*p)  (d*k)+(e*n)+(f*q)  (d*l)+(e*o)+(f*r) ]
[ g h i ]   [ p q r ]   [ (g*j)+(h*m)+(i*p)  (g*k)+(h*n)+(i*q)  (g*l)+(h*o)+(i*r) ]


weyl::tensor<float, 3, 3> a({ { ... }, { ... }, { ... } });
weyl::tensor<float, 3, 3> b({ { ... }, { ... }, { ... } });
weyl::tensor<float, 3, 3> product = weyl::sum<1, 0>(a, b);

In this case, sum will expand to something equivalent to the following, but with unrolled loops.

weyl::tensor<float, 3, 3> value(0.0f);
for (size_t n = 0; n < 3; ++n) // 1st dimension of a (2nd skipped - it is in the sum)
for (size_t m = 0; m < 3; ++m) // 2nd dimension of b (1st skipped - it is in the sum)
for (size_t i = 0; i < 3; ++i) // index for the 2nd and 1st dimensions of a and b respectively
    value[n][m] += a[n][i] * b[i][m];


The library has been tested on Windows with MinGW using the following command from the repository root.

g++ -std=c++17 tests/*.cpp -Iinclude. && .\a.exe && rm a.exe


To compile html documentation, run doxygen in the repository root directory.


Despite the ideal of high-ranking generalizations, for convenience Weyl includes a number of special functions for tensors of particular rank and dimensionality. For example magnitude will return the length of a first-rank tensor (vector). These functions remain because they are useful, but they may be removed in future versions of the library. For this reason, they are in the experimental namespace.


Math library which provides non-sparse, rank-N tensor math






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