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Community map template

This is a simple template for a pin-based map that draws its content from a public Google Sheets worksheet.

Project setup

  1. yarn install
  2. Change the project name in package.json
  3. Get an account on Mapbox, and replace the public token in Map.vue with your public token

Using a Google Sheet for data

This project starts using data in

  1. Duplicate this Google Sheet and use it as a template.
  2. Under File, "Publish to the web", as CSV.
  3. Put the CSV link in Map.vue.

Special columns

The template recognises certain column names by default. Obviously you can change these in the code.

  • Longitude, Latitude
  • Name: title of feature info panel
  • Description: smaller text in feature info panel
  • Image_Url:

Running locally

npm run serve

Publishing to Github

  1. Set up a Github repo (or fork the original source)
  2. Push an initial commit
  3. Run yarn run deploy
  4. Now configure Github Pages to use docs directory
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