Scripts supporting a tilemill server deployment (see )
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WARNING - Obsolete

These scripts have been replaced by a newer, shinier, Salt-based deployment system called SaltyMill:

SaltyMill does everything these scripts did, and a bit more.

Continue anyway?

These scripts don't work at all on Ubuntu 14.04 (Trusty). I don't remember if they still work on Precise.

Ok then.

These scripts install TileMill and a stack of related services:

  • TileMill
  • Nginx (making TileMill accessible on port 80, with basic password auth)
  • PostGIS (for loading OpenStreetMap data into)
  • osm2pgsql (loads the OpenStreetMap data)
  • Scripts to manage loading OSM data and refresh it with minimal downtime
  • OSRM (routing engine)
sudo apt-get -y install git &&
git clone &&
cd tilemill-server

# Optionally, edit tm-settings

sudo nohup ./ &

When done, TileMill is accessible on port 80: http://myserver OSRM will be running by default on port 5010